by UltraMotive fans

Love your channel and your cars, keep up the work! #2millionsubs

(P.S. Liking the new merch👍)

~ Christian from WA ~

I love the car content (both vlogs and game play). I just picked up my first car its a 2004 suzuki swift, not stock of course, got an exhaust, carbon fibre air intake, and body kit. This decal is gonna be slapped onto it. Thanks for being an awesome youtuber and when I don't have good days, you lighten the mood. P.S., looking forward to seeing the Forza Z

~ Caleb in New Zealand ~

My son LOVES JackUltramotive! Talks about Jack all the time as a role model. Thanks for being such a positive influence and for helping keep his passion and love for cars strong.

~ Natalia in Florida ~

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